New year, refreshed Bombus

New year, refreshed Bombus

It's 2024 and I'm back with big plans for Bombus - including this blog. 

For those that don't know me - I'm Amber, the one person team that runs Bombus Artisanal. This will be my second year running my own handmade, upcycling focused business. I'm dedicated to making fashion more sustainable, circular and ethical and that's a huge part of why Bombus exists. 

This year I'm determined to be even LOUDER about what I believe in because it's all connected to why I have my own small business. I'm a mixed race, queer, fat person that has far too much experiences being ignored or left out of the conversations, especially in the world of fashion, and I refuse to participate in anything that may make others feel the same. 

That's why my biggest project this year will be creating a collection focused on gender affirming styles for gender non-conforming & queer people. Honestly, it's going to be very self indulgent and at least half the silhouettes are going to be things I can never find as a fat person.

I've been working with an amazing independent natural dyer in Ireland and will have beautiful shibori dyed fabrics in all colours of the rainbow. I absolutely cannot wait to start showing it all off. 

I did a heck of a lot of upcycling towards the end of last year and this year I'm going to be doing even more. Aside from the naturally dyed fabric I have on the way my aim is to buy no new fabric at all this year. Maybe that sounds like a difficult tasks for a fashion business but millions of tonnes of textiles are thrown away each year. I already have enough fabrics and old clothing from friends and family to carry me through this year. Including some tents that I think will have amazing bomber jackets so.. keep an eye out for that drop. 

Another new exciting part of Bombus that I'm looking forward to this year is taking proper breaks. I worked almost constantly last year and any time off I had was for other things that needed my attention. I've said from the start of Bombus that an important part of my sustainability values is making sure workers are treated ethically. Well, I am my only worker and I have been not been living up to this value. I overworked myself to a degree that we sadly see all too often in the fashion industry. So in 2024 that's out. I'm looking after myself the way any business should look after their employees. 

This blog is also new. I imagine most of these will be a little rambly and personal like this one but I'm also excited for that to become part of my standard business days. I've over thought a lot about Bombus' social media presence and I'm ready to just put content out there that matters to me and hopefully connects with the people my business is for. 

So. In for 2024: more upcycling, taking breaks and being LOUD. Out for 2024: overworking, overthinking and big brands 🍉

Til the next blog! (Let's hope I remember this is a thing) 

- Amber :)


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