Equality Pledge

Bombus Artisanal has signed a pledge via Business Wales that helps keep us accountable to our diversity & inclusion goals. This is all part of Business Wales' aims to ensure Welsh businesses are as inclusive and accepting as possible.

Below Bombus has outlined the details of our pledge.

  • Diversity

    Ensuring all our customers feel welcome and represented is important to Bombus. We're dedicated to making clothes & accessories for all genders, races, sizes and abilities. Our marketing materials, collaborations and products will all reflect this.

  • Collaborating

    Working with those with specialised crafts to create our products and supporting other small businesses is a key part of what Bombus wants to do. Creating a community and uplifting others to show off the amazing skills people have.

  • Contributing

    25% of all online sales from the Pride collection will be donated to Trans Aid Cymru - a mutual aid fund helping trans, non-binary and intersex people across Wales.