A big part of what influenced me to create this business is the nuances of sustainability. There’s a handful of different ways to define sustainability and not every fashion brand is clear about what they’re doing to be better. 

To me, sustainability is about balance and looking after each other, our planet and ourselves.

It’s paying makers a fair wage, being environmentally friendly and consuming products mindfully. It’s ensuring no one’s well being is put at risk for the sake of profit. 

So, that’s what I’m here to do to the best of my ability. 

- Amber, Bombus Founder

Sustainable 💙 Handmade 💙 Ethical

Bombus focuses on lowering the impact it has on the planet by extending the lifespan of textiles, using zero waste methods and natural dying processes. The majority of our products use upcycled materials from old clothing and deadstock fabrics.


Bombus uses the most sustainable materials available. This could mean organic, certfied, recycled, deadstock, upcycled, mended.

Clothing donated (and raiding family's wardrobes) makes up a large amount of the fabric Bombus uses. When we get items that we can't use or would do more good elsewhere (e.g. a winter coat), they will be taken to clothing swaps or donated.

There are a variety of ways a material can be sustainable and finding that balance is important - saving a bunch of polyester from landfill is more sustainable than producing brand new organic fabrics, for example.

Be sure to check collection details to see how each product aligns with our ethos.


Where we have the materials to create multiples of a design, we create one in all sizes and offer made-to-order for the remaining stock. This ensures we avoid overproducing which helps us keep our small business going but also prevents waste down the line.

While this does mean there is a processing time on most orders, it also means Bombus can offer a range of customisation options including strap length on bags, sizing on clothing and more as we expand our product range.

Bombus aims to have orders shipped within 10 business days but this can vary if there are a significant amount of orders - you'll be notified at checkout if processing time are longer than 10 working days.


Supporting other small businesses with similar values and working with independent artists is important to Bombus. Anyone that hand makes products deserves to be recognised for their work. Bombus will be proudly shouting about any one we work with.

The image shows charms by Jonas Jewellery that will soon feature on Bombus bags. Check out our makers page to see who else Bombus is working with.

A few other things we do:

Plastic free, fully recyclable packaging

Zero waste pattern cutting where ever possible

Using any scraps produced to make patchwork / new fabrics

Practising and encouraging self care in all makers - we can't be sustainable if we're hurting ourselves or those that work with us.

Tracability & Transparency

We want our customers to feel confident that Bombus is being as sustainable and ethical as this page states and so I aim to be as transparent as possible about our materials, practices, production and every other part of the business.

If I haven't answered your questions on this website, I'm available via email or DM on instagram.

Keeping ourselves accountable

Bombus is doing plenty to be sustainable, inclusive and ethical but there's always work to be done. That's why Amber is regularly reviewing practices and evaluating if Bombus is doing is enough. Bombus has signed Business Wales pledges as a way to keep accountable and on track with our goals.