Green Growth Pledge

Bombus Artisanal has signed a pledge via Business Wales that helps keep us accountable to our sustainability goals. This is all part of Business Wales' aims to ensure Welsh businesses are impacting our planet as little as possible.

Below Bombus has outlined the details of our pledge.

  • Materials

    Bombus is focused on using deadstock and upcycling to minimise the amount of new fabrics needed.

    When using new fabrics, Bombus aims to use certified materials such as GOTS cotton / buy from certified suppliers.

  • Traceability

    Our manufacturing and supply chains will be as transparent as possible by providing customers with information about our fabric, processes, suppliers and collaboration whenever possible. Our customers should know as much as we do about how and where our products are made!

  • Craft

    Bombus aims to encourage slow fashion wherever possible through our repair services, DIY kits and education.