Made to Order

In line with our sustainability efforts to reduce waste, encourage mindful consumption and ensure all our makers time is valued, we are a made to order business.

This means we don't start making your jacket until you place an order. Occassionally, we may have stock already made for marketing purposes but for the most part nothing is made until it's needed.

How does this affect your order?

We're a small business with one person constructing all our products. To ensure our products are the highest quality and all makers are looking after themselves, we aim to make all orders within 10 working days.

This means that you can expect to be waiting approximately a week to two weeks before we ship your order. Our processing times will vary depending on how busy we are. If your order is expected to take longer than 10 working days to be shipped, you'll be informed at checkout.

We appreciate all your support and know our products will be worth the wait!